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SIS Sanitary Intelligent Level Switch

SIS Sanitary Intelligent Level Switch used for high, low position alarm in production process tank or pipelines.The compact design to facilitate carrying and transporting, and can be quickly installed even in the area of narrow space or difficult operation. Suitable for use in the CIP and SIP cleaning applications, the surface roughness (Ra) level can be adjusted according to customer's needs, suitable for use in pharmaceutical and food processing industry applications.

Do you known such this Smart Impedance Level Switch?
FineTek - SIS2 Intelligent Level Sensor
FineTek - Sanitary Intelligent Level Switch
SIS Intelligent Level Sensor

SIS Sanitary Intelligent Level Switch, Lquid Level Switch (Food Grade)

Working principle of this sensor is based on the frequency sweep technology. The sensor tip will send out electric field signal, and different resonance frequency is created according to different medium. Thus a switching signal will be triggered if the sensor is covered with material.

。Easy installation by standard connection with
。IP67/IP68/IP695 as protection grade.
。Compact design, easy carry; can be installed in narrow space or stringent operation condition.
。The surface roughness (Ra) can be customized and applicable for Chemical & pharmaceutical and food processing industries.
。With magnetic test function to examine wiring and operation condition in real time.
。Durable stainless housing.
。Real time site-control by LED indicators.
。Overcurrent protection detects over current and shut down the output immediately.
。Workable in CIP and SIP cleaning environment.
。Unaffected by foam and viscous medium.
。Applicable to measure the single-point level of liquid, viscous medium and powder medium in the container and pipe; also           providing pump dry run protection.
。It provides 2 output signals and the sensitivity can be set independently; which helps detect 2 kinds of medium. (For instance:     Oil and water.)