Complete certification, Safe Product FineTek is attentive, Customer can rest assured
We have a complete range of product and has passed international safety certification from various countries. Products are designed in accordance with IEC international standards and meet the needs of various complex environmental manufacturing processes. Many products have passed the United States UL, ABS, Germany PTB ATEX, Norway DNVGL, China NEPSI, China 3C, European standard CE, China CMC and other product certifications. Our flow laboratory has passed the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation certification according to ISO/IEC 17025:2017, certification number: 3086


FineTek seeks self-managent, to achieve the impeccable

Our goal is to become the most attractive leading brand in manufacturing automation market,
Strive to provide a newer, better and more comfortable living environment for mankind.

Intellectual Property Management Plan

  • Annual strategy is set every year, plan for getting patent and industry certification accounts for 20% of the KPI performance of the R&D Department.
  • Cross-departmental Collaboration: General Administration Office, R&D department, QA department, and human resources department co-manage to establish rewards system.
  • Establish plans for organization’s intellectual property capitalization, intelligent finance process, making maintenance list of intellectual property, following ISO guide, intellectual software systems, management review meeting, rewards system, internal audit and self-assessment, and intellectual property map, etc.
  • Establish industry-university cooperation and joint patent applications.
  • Employee management: Every company employees signs the "Employment Contract", which clearly defines the management and protection of intellectual property rights and business secrets. 

Implementation status and certification

  • Our company reports to the board of directors on matters related to intellectual property management at least once a year, and the most recent report was made at the 15th session of the seventh board of directors (December 20, 2021).
  • Current list of intellectual property and achievements are as follows: As of the end of 2021, the company has a total of 213 patents certified in various countries, 37 patents are currently being applied in various countries, and 156 industry certifications (including IECEx, OIML, NCC, SIL, TAF) , FDA, ATEX, TS, NEPSI, HART, UL, DNV, BV, ABS, GL, LR, PA, CE...). Only when customers are success will the company succeed.
  • Our company obtained Taiwan Intellectual Property Management System (TIPS) certification in 2012, 2014 and 2016, and is continuously evaluated for operation management.