Water Treatment

Industrial Waste Water Treatment is a process mainly comprises of cleaning, purification of water or recycling with using PH treatment . This clean water is then discharged or recycled for re-use. In general, these water treatment process had different phase like sedimentation, filtration, coagulation, flocculation and several other processes. FineTek products can be widely used in every segments of these water treatment process automation systems. Our products like simple output switches and signal transmitters can be used to achieve full process atuomation.


Marine Industry has many kinds of ships such as container vessels, bulk carriers, oil tankers, warships, yachts, fishing boats and special ships. Every types of ship have distinct functions and roles, so ships need different kinds of monitoring systems and controls. In order to fulfil all safety standard of shipping industry, Finetek products have recieved marine approvals such as LR, ABS, GL, BV, DNV5. Our products are used of measuring, monitoring and controlling different kinds of tank applications such as Oil tank, water management systems, liquid level control, pressure and temperature control etc.


Steel Industry has mainly two types of furnaces i.e Blast furnace and Electric Arc furnace. Due to these different type of smelting and manufacturing process in steel production, the finished product also differs. For decades, FineTek is providing best measurement products and solutions for the special manufacturing needs of Steel Industry.


Thermal power plant generates electricity by the combustion of fuel, coal, oil, natural gas etc. to heat the water in the steam boiler. This heat creates high temperature and pressure in the boiler transforms water into steam, which drives the turbine generator to produce electricity. FineTek has rich knowledge and expertise with Thermal power generation industry and help our customers with site application design, process improvement and technical support.


Construction Industry covers a huge range of processing equipments such as asphalt handling equipments, concrete mixing machines, road construction machinery etc. These processing equipments requires process control programs to monitor different kind of process instruments for different applications such as material transport, heating and drying, stockpile transport, pollution prevention & control, finished shipments etc. These complicated manufacturing process with help of our industrial process control equipments make production line smoothly, improve efficiency and also increase productivity.


Cement is the world’s most important construction materials. Cement production, generally can be divided into raw material grinding, burning. Cement is made using three processes - raw material grinding limestone and clay and other raw materials for the mill grinding process. Calcining the raw material that is processed into the kiln; burning it and then after grinding to become cement.

Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage Processing mainly is the mixing of water and raw materials in specific proportions. Generally, during beverage processing is a complex process where raw water passes through filteration and purification, proportional blending of ingredients such as concentrated raw juice and additives through batching system, filling and packaging, sterilization etc. FineTek provides full range of products used every segment of food and beverage manufacturing process. Our products include simple switches output and analog signal transmitters etc which can be used for achieve process automation and control.

Hydraulic Power

Hydraulic power converts the energy from pressurized fluid into force and motion. For this reason it is often also referred to as fluid power. The advantage of hydraulic power is that hydraulic fluid is virtually incompressible, that is, it does not change volume when under pressure. This important characteristic is well used in hydraulic machinery to hold loads in position, to produce smooth continuous motion even under changing loads, and for safety systems.


Petrochemical industry covers oil refining and related petrochemical downstream industries such as rubber and plastic raw materials, synthetic fibers, petro-chemicals products, resins, textiles, engineering plastics etc. A lot of product we use in our daily life are closely related with the petrochemical industry. FineTek has rich knowledge and expertise with Oil and Gas industry and we help our customers with site application design, process improvement and technical support.


Chemical industry covers a wide range of industries such as pharmaceuticals, coatings, dyes and pigments, surfactants, synthetic resins, electronic chemical, biotechnology, agricultural chemical etc. For these special requirements of chemical and related industries, FineTek provides best measurement products and technical support.


Electronics companies while setting up new factories requires a number of industrial control instruments and equipments. Our company has closely related to this industry with over three decades of accumulated R&D knowledge and expertise. Our products are used in factory production equipment, process equipment, pollution control, air conditioning piping systems, emergency generators, water supply and drainage system, etc. We provide customers with fast and one-stop total solution by integrating upstream and downstream of the supply chain, product consulting, systems development and testing, planning and supply chain services etc.