Finetek, who has been working in Taiwan for more than 40 years, upholds the vision of creating a better and sustainable society, allowing enterprises to operate sustainably together with society. Over the years, Finetek Group and Wu Sha Cultural Foundation have worked together to devote themselves to issues related to social care and public welfare, support the cultural inheritance of rural students, guide art seeds into community settlements, etc., and care for the community through a long-term and sustainable cooperation model. Give back to the society, in order to create a social vision of common prosperity and good things.

Among the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, our company has included "Item 10: Eliminating Inequality", "Item 4: Quality Education", "Item 8: Employment and Economic Growth", and "Item 11: Sustainable Urban and Rural Development" as a long-term goal. Finetek Group and the Wu Sha Cultural Foundation have gone through many research and development plans to take cultural preservation and inheritance, art promotion, community care and environmental protection as the future direction of social welfare. At the same time, refer to the impact principles of LBG (London Benchmarking Group) to evaluate the impact of each social participation project from the depth of impact (connection, improvement, transformation) and type (behavior or attitude change, skill or personal effectiveness, quality of life or well-being) and measure the overall situation of resource investment. In response to the problem of uneven distribution of education and resources in rural areas, in 2022 we have listed the spirit of sustainability, supporting disadvantaged groups, local creation, and funding and education of school-age children as key goals, and have radiated various activities to the outside world. Hope to create substantial and positive changes.

The company's social participation has two forms, namely "cash donation" and "time contribution", and is evaluated based on three motivations: "charitable donation", "community participation" and "business promotion". The cash donation was approximately NTD 2.5 million, the time contribution was 559 hours, and the total number of participants was 5,928.

In the same year, artists were invited to the foundation's new venues to promote local creation and add more diverse cultural possibilities. Art-in-residence activities are held using art as a medium, which not only attracts wider attention to the foundation, but also increases the cultural diversity and artistic depth of the local community. A total of NTD 160,000 was invested, and there were four staff members. During the three-month stay in the village, a total of 10 workshops were held, with 132 participants. Contribute to local art education, introduce different art forms into remote areas of Yilan, activate the depth of local art and culture, and achieve the goals of [SDGs 4th Quality Education] and [SDGs 11th Sustainable Urban and Rural Areas].

The Wu Sha Art Festival Art Competition sponsored by the foundation has been running for 10 years. With continuous accumulation, it has now become an art event that promotes the beauty of Lanyang and is responded to by the whole Taiwan. The 2022 art season competition includes photography, painting, calligraphy and children's sketching competitions, and the quality of the accepted works has repeatedly reached new heights. The Children's Art Competition is a key project of the Foundation to deeply cultivate students and promote art and education. Every year, it not only encourages many students, but also awards and commends teachers who cultivate outstanding artistic seedlings.

A total of 22 manpower personnel, including 7 full-time employees and 15 volunteers, were invested in the 2022 Arts Season Competition and Award Ceremony. The total amount of bonuses, gifts, venues and other related expenses was NTD 1.5 million. There were 750 total participants in attendance. There were 400 people attending the award ceremony. The foundation employs three disadvantaged groups, which is in line with the content of [SDGs No. 10 Eliminating Inequality], and uses competitions to promote arts and culture education and activate Yilan tourism. It is also in line with [SDGs No. 4 Quality Education] and [SDGs No. 11 Forever Sustainable development projects such as Urban and Rural Continuation] and [SDGs No. 8 Employment and Economic Growth] are closely interdependent

In 2022, the foundation will deepen its efforts in the education sector, and the educational work of promoting local history will begin with students. Since October of that year, we have cooperated with four local primary schools in Yilan, Jiaoxi, Longtan, Sijie, and Zhengyi. We have used free classroom space to tell school-age children about the differences between local culture, history and present day in a relaxed and interactive way, deepening the local understanding of Lanyang. History education. By the end of 2022, four events have been held, with 4 staff members, an investment of approximately NTD 10,000, and 142 participants. In the series of activities on campus in-depth cultivation, the foundation invited three disadvantaged groups to participate, which is in line with the content of [SDGs No. 10 Eliminating Inequality], and the local history education for school-age children is in line with [SDGs No. 4 Quality Education].

In addition to cooperating with the foundation, Finetek Group also spares no effort in industry-university cooperation. It also provides summer work-study opportunities for school students every summer, allowing school students to understand the workplace environment in advance and learn work skills to broaden their horizons before graduation. In 2022, there are a total of 7 interns and work-study staff, 6 boys and 1 girl, with an average age of 23 years old. The distribution of education levels is 1 high school vocational student, 3 university students, and 1 master's degree. The work department divisions are manufacturing department-3 people, and R&D department- 4 people.