In 1979, the Wu brothers established FineTek Technologies with the core value of “providing complete customized solutions to meet customers’ needs”, manufacturing quality industrial sensors for level measurement of powder & bulk solids  and liquid;flow; pressure, and temperature. Since 1999, the company has expanded its operations both locally and internationally, providing customers with excellent service and improved solutions. Our purpose is to assist in fulfilling our customers’ needs through FineTek’s innovative solutions and quality products, thereby achieving customer satisfaction and success.
FineTek – continuous improvement and evolution

1999 ~2013 Period of Transformation and Development

During this period, the FineTek brand, with its headquarters in Taiwan, was established globally with international offices and factories set up first in mainland China, then in the USA and Singapore. This laid the foundation for the corporation to operate internationally. The corporation also obtained foreign ship-grade certifications such as PTB ATEX, DNV (Denmark), LR (Britain), BV (France) and others. Our purpose is to accommodate customers’ increasing requirements and consistently exceed their expectations for our product quality; and revolutionize our business. In 2013, FineTek’s Yilan Factory was built to manufacture flow meters. A system of lean management and automation production process to promote overall efficiency was implemented, enhancing overall operations and resulting in FineTek emerging as Asia’s leading manufacturer of automated sensors.

2014 ~2018 Period of Growth & Stability

In 2014, FineTek successfully listed on the stock exchange. In 2015, the German company, Mütec Instruments GmbH, was acquired. In 2016, subsidiary offices in Indonesia & Malaysia were established, with plans to build a production plant in Indonesia in 2017. In 2017, a system of lean management was introduced, and the Yilan Factory successfully acquired both TAF and OIML certifications. In 2018, the corporation’s international R&D teams collaborated to develop technologically advanced products by introducing INDUSTRY 4.0, WIFI, RoLA, 4G, NBIOT and other wireless transmission functions to FineTek’s sensors. These innovative products were successfully applied to monitoring systems in the food, water, and energy industries. These core industries, in turn, are related to other civil industries such as food, clothing, housing, travel, education, music, government administration, and national defense. In the past 5 years, FineTek has continuously researched and evolved, providing customers with the best sensor solutions, and solidifying the company’s foothold internationally as the world’s leading provider of quality sensors and solutions.  

2019 ~2021 Period of Breakthrough Growth

Since 2019, we have continued to adopt the dual systems of lean management and automation production process in our global operations, raising efficiency and quality on all levels and resulting in FineTek attaining numerous achievements. The corporation won the ANQ Asia Quality Network Excellence award, and the Republic of China Quality Association Excellence in Business Quality Benchmark award. License for the manufacture and sale of electromagnetic flowmeters and webbed wheel flowmeters was successfully obtained from the Ministry of Economy’s Bureau of Standards.
In 2020, the corporation won two government projects – the International Trade Subsidy Project, and the Public IoT Subsidy Project. The purpose of both projects was to connect technologically advanced manufacturers in the Asia-Pacific region through cloud systems and together, reduce pollution through more efficient production methods. With these, FineTek took the lead in protecting the environment and promoting green business practices. In the same year, the corporation won the 26th National Quality Award, participated in the national promotion of strategies for quality manufacturing, and qualified as an ISO 27001 auditor. FineTek also won the AQM Excellence Automated Quality Management Award for two consecutive years. Winning numerous national awards has affirmed FineTek Group’s entrenched position as the nation’s top sensor manufacturer.
In 2021, FineTek’s second Tucheng Factory began operations, expanding the company’s automation and production processes. To provide more comprehensive and quality services to customers globally, FineTek Group has continued to develop and expand worldwide. Our headquarters, subsidiaries and international distribution networks are seamlessly inter-connected, exceeding limitations and creating an indestructible value chain with strong foundations for sustainable growth and development.