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Do you known such this Smart Impedance Level Switch?

E-Paper 03.22.2022

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Smart Impedance Level Switch | FineTek

Compatible for: Liquids/ Solids/ Powders/ Foam/ Interface detection

For most process automation application, how to detect and even measure the sticky medium is always an important issue for plants and also a challenge for instruments. Some requirements need to detect the liquids underneath, but some requesting for knowing level of foam. So the instrument which can accurately tell the difference and even the parameterization can be done for different conditions directly on site, will be tremendous benefits for automation control.

Working principle:

Frequency sweeping technology especially designed for liquids/ solids application

Suitable applications:

High/ low level control, pump protection, materials block detection/ coffee powders/ flour powders/ creamer powders

Suitable industries:

Food & Beverage/ Pharma industries/ Flour industry


  • Easy installation/ IP67
  • Compact design with PEEK tip for good wear resistance
  • With Magnetic test function to check operation condition in real time
  • LED indicator light
  • Suitable for CIP requirement
  • Two outputs for NO/NC
  • Not affected by viscous medium (no matter liquids or powders) attached on sensor


  • New SIS2 series, --No need programming box and engineers/ clients can do calibrations or parameterization directly by just using a magnet.
  • Good solution for viscous medium such as: feeds / grains / ketchup / sauce
  • Providing a video to explain the method: --easy and convenient!!

SIS Sanitary Intelligent Level Switch



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