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FineTek - Sanitary Intelligent Level Switch

E-Paper 08.28.2020

SIS Intelligent Level Sensor

The sensor's working principle by sending“scan-frequency”, different material emits different frequency, therefore, the sensor will send the switch signal while it is powered by material.



  1. Reliability with viscous medium (such as ketchup, mayonnaise , honey, yoghurt and toothpaste)
  2. Detection of foam and separating layers. (Output 1&2 for different interfaces)
  3. High frequency capacitance technology ignores foam and deposit build-up
  4. Provides reliable level indication in storage tanks and protects pumps from run-dry conditions
  5. Sanitary PEEK sensing tip with food-grade surface finish
  6. Short immersion length suitable for small pipe
  7. One sensor for all applications. (Liquids, pastes and solids)
  8. Available for CIP/SIP. (High-temp. /harsh chemical cleaning)
  9. FDA/3A certification, suitable for F&B/Pharmaceutical industries.
  10. Ingress Protection rating: IP67/68/69K

Case Study

  • Model: SIS Sanitary Intelligent Level Switch
  • Medium: Soya bean milk
  • High Temperature: 120deg.C
  • Advantages: The SIS sensor effectively eliminates issues with residue and foam build-up. Detection of proper level is ensured – even with viscous media residue.
Sanitary Intelligent Level Switch
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