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SIS Intelligent Level Sensor

E-Paper 09.06.2019

Highlight Industry: Pharmaceutical / Food & Beverage

The sensor is working principle by sending“scan-frequency”, different material emits different frequency, therefore, the sensor will send the switch signal while it is powered by material.

Brief Introduction
Used for high, low position alarm in production process tank or pipelines. The compact design to facilitate carrying and transporting, and can be quickly installed even in the area of narrow space or difficult operation. Suitable for use in the CIP and SIP cleaning applications, the surface roughness (Ra) level can be adjusted according to customer's needs.

SIS Intelligent Level Sensor

SIS Intelligent Level Sensor



With high/low level of material in the process tank or pipeline, alarm of empty material or switch output is particularly suitable for application in the following industries:

  • Food manufacturing
  • Beverage manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing

The SIS sensor monitors the level of mayonnaise in a container using a high-frequency capacitance spectrum profiling technology.

SIS Installation

Variety Medium Parameter Setting by PROGRAMMER BOX

 Variety Medium Parameter Setting by PROGRAMMER BOX
  • Reading current sensor parameter setting.
  • Changing sensor parameter setting.
  • Adjusting sensor sensitivity of current medium in real time.
  • Calibrating current measuring value and do necessary adjustment promptly.

Video Introduction & Demonstration

Visit our Youtube Channel for the demonstration with SIS & multiple functions & mediums.
Easy to understand the functionality & setting within 2 minutes.

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