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FineTek - SIS2 Intelligent Level Sensor

E-Paper 08.24.2021

SIS2 Intelligent Level Sensor
The sensor's working principle by sending“scan-frequency”, different material emits different frequency, therefore, the sensor will send the switch signal while it is powered by material.




  1. Easy installation by standard connection with
  2. Compact design, easy carry; can be installed in narrow space or stringent operation condition.
  3. Probe material PEEK surface roughness Ra<0.8 is with good wear resistance.
  4. Provides reliable level indication in storage tanks and protects pumps from run-dry conditions.
  5. With magnetic test function to examine wiring and operation condition in real time
  6. Durable stainless housing.
  7. Real time site-control by LED indicators.
  8. Overcurrent protection detects over current and shut down the output immediately.
  9. Workable in CIP cleaning environment.
  10. Suitable for dry running protection and single point level detection of powder or granular medium in containers or pipelines.
  11. Provides 2 output signals NPN or PNP.


  • Food manufacturing
  • Beverage manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Case Study:

SIS2 Intelligent Level Sensor

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