Implementation of Ethical Management

The company has established " Procedures for Ethical Management and Guidelines for Conduct" and "Integrity Business Code", which have been approved by the board of directors and announced on the company's website. The general manager's office is responsible for formulating and supervising the implementation of integrity management policies and prevention plans, and reports regularly to the board of directors. The most recent report was the 11th meeting of the eighth session of the board of directors on December 18, 2023. The policy is as follows:

  1. The company has a specific reporting system and reward system, and has established internal and external independent reporting mailboxes and dedicated lines, and has a dedicated unit to handle related matters. The dedicated unit shall take necessary protective measures for the whistleblower to avoid improper treatment due to the whistleblower.
    The whistleblowing site of the Company:

  2. The company has always operated in accordance with the principle of integrity, abided by relevant laws and regulations and internal control systems to conduct good operations, strictly prohibited any dishonest or violation of laws, and hired legal consultants to provide necessary consultation and review basis.

  3. The company and its directors and managers are prohibited from providing or accepting improper benefits, and the procedures for handling political donations, charitable donations or sponsorships are clearly stipulated.

  4. Before establishing each business relationship, the company has considered the legality of the parties and whether there are records of dishonest behavior to ensure that all business activities comply with the principle of integrity.

  5. Education and training: Internal: In addition to specifying the matters that our personnel should pay attention to when performing business in the " Procedures for Ethical Management and Guidelines for Conduct", the company also promotes various matters through employee education and training, internal emails and internal meetings. In accordance with the standards, in 2023, the general manager promoted various integrity issues, and a total of 5 sessions were held, with 172 participants. External: The company provides integrity management courses for directors, managers and insiders to participate in. In 2023, one person participated, totaling 3 hours.

  6. Implementation status in 2023:

(1) Formulation and revision of integrity management policies.

(2) Publish integrity promotion announcement letters and hold promotion meetings and education and training courses.
     This year, an integrity promotion announcement was issued in November 2023.

(3) Commitment: In 2023, 25 supervisor-level supervisors signed a declaration of integrity management. (100% signed by supervisors above management level).

(4) Supervision: Supervise all colleagues and directors on a daily basis to see whether they comply with the corporate integrity management code.

(5) There is a reporting area and reporting system, and there were no reporting incidents this year.