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FS700E/FS710E Dust monitoring for filter break

The technology is based on a modified triboelectric principle detecting particles interacting with the sensing rod and such particles just passing the rod. Build up on the rod surface will not be detected, only moving particles generate a flow rate proportional signal which is monitored by the electronic. Installation is done on the clean gas side downstream the filter at a metal duct by welding on of a thread bush boring through the duct wall and screwing in dust watch. On and off distance should this 3-fold of the pipe diameter area, the sensor length 1/3 to 2/3 of the pipe diameter. The device isn't usable at products, which build an electric conductive coating between sensing rod and pipe wall, caused of abrasion.

Valve and Controller for Dust Collector System
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FS700E/FS710E Dust monitoring for filter break

。Maintenance free
。Adjustable sensitivity
。Adjustable switch
。Condition indication with
。LEDStainless steel housing
。Compact form
。Easy installation
。The dust monitor FlowSwitch 700E is used for the detection of filter failure functions e.g. crack or defect in assembling.
。By the triboelectric measuring principle a dust breakthrough can be recognized reliable.