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FineTek - Valve and Controller for Dust Collector System

E-Paper 05.10.2021

Pulse cleaning and filtering system in dust collectors, also suitable for filter bags, filter barrels, flat bags, ceramic tubes and filter bags for metal fiber.

Valve Feature:
  • Fast response, large flow volume, effective cleaning action on fabric filter.
  • Low air consumption.
  • Compatible with programmable sequential controller.
  • Ease of adjustment in jet pulse timing and duration.

Controller Feature:
  • Digital Display, provides ease of operation and display of operation status.
  • Operating by Microprocessor: Accurate and precise operation.
  • Remote Control: Convenient control through remote control.
  • Able to automatically execute the pulse jet cycle even after the system
    shuts down so as to prevent residue sticking unto bag filter.
  • Water-proof and dust-proof enclosure, to extend lifespan of the controller. (Optional)

Application case reference:

Dust collector system

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