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FineTek - SRT Conveyor belt misalignment switch / SRS Safety cable pull switch

E-Paper 07.08.2021

SRT srs SRS 拉繩開關(雙向) EDX
Conveyer Belt
Misalignment Switch
Safety Cable Pull Switch
Safety Cable Pull Switch
Speed Monitor

What Is The RISK Along With Conveyor System?

Conveyor SystemTHE BELT CONVEYOR system has been widely adopted in various industries such as mining field, timber industry, cement plant, and etc. for transport the (raw) material.

THE RISKS ALONG WITH CONVEYOR SYSTEM could be occurred if there is no proper instrument in place to secure the function of the system. The risks could be misalignment of the belt, which will cost the users millions of dollars due to the downtime of the production. It could also put workers’ safety endangered because of missing mechanism of emergency shut-down along with the conveyor system. As such, the increasing number of conveyor accident, it has been noticed by more authorities (e.g ILOSH and FMM Sarawak) as well as employers.

Hence nowadays, more and more convey system is being facilitated with AUTOMATION INSTRUMENTS in order to reduce the manual work on field as so to minimize the risk from conveyor system.


Features with Automation Instruments:

  • Save downtime of the production
  • Reduce manual work
  • Reduce maintenance work
  • Secure works’ safety


Conveyor System


Characters of Belt Safety Switch:

  • Misalignment switch for conveyor belt/ system
  • Emergency shut-down mechanism
  • Die cast aluminum housing with IP67 rating
  • Easy installation
  • Universal design


A Cement Plant In Taiwan
A Cement Plant In Taiwan

*Below installation picture is another successful installation picture of our 
  Speed Monitor (EDX) for your reference:

Speed Monitor (EDX)

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