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HUMY Continuous online moisture measuring system

The moisture in solids is an important parameter which strongly influences the quality of the product and can increase the economic efficiency of a production fundamentally. HUMY 3019 is in many processes, successfully in use among others at sugar, tobacco, grain, malt, flour, coal, sand, wood shavings, dried food, fertilizer, powder, pigments, plastic granules. As installation places conveyor belts, screw conveyors, silos, funnels are particularly suitable. The In-Line moisture measurement is also possible in batch processes. At the measuring the relative permittivity and the high-frequency recession of the solid is measured in the high-frequency range. The measurement procedure makes a short and simple calibration as well as a high precision of up to 0.1% possible. The measuring probe transmits the data digitally. This makes the measurement assignment disturbance insensitive and allows a distance of the sensor to the end judging unity up to 1000 m. The system supervising itself has an integrated data lugger besides an automatic compensation of temperature and ageing drift, digital and alarm exits. The device is working by two analog output for the measured values and can be used automatically by the two digital inputs or the RS485-interface. The calibration will be done be the included software. For product or process changes different product parameters can be stored.

Total Solutions for WWT

HUMY Continuous online moisture measuring system, Online Moisture Sensor

。No samples fort he laboratory necessary
。Saving of energy costs
。Improvement on the product quality
。Very short amortization time
。High selective sensitiveness
。High measuring speed
。Precision better than 0,1% (under consideration of the product)
。Easy and economical installation
。Fast and simple calibration
。Optional ATEX-Version for Zone 20 und Zone 0
。Chemicals and pharmaceutical
   Fertilizer, plastics, phosphate, granules, absorber materials, melamine, powders, tablets, pasta, foils, salt,
   potash washing-powder, styrofoam, synthetic material, PVC, acryl pigments
。Food- and animal food industry
   Grain, rape, sunflower seeds, sugar beets, potato products, flour, starch, milk powder, yeast, bean oil
   production, casein, gluten, gelatine, malt, hops soya, corn, lenses rice, pasta, beans confectionery,
   cereals,food means, fish meal, dried food
。Steel industry and power plants:
   Ash, Aluminium oxide, iron, cole, coal, coal dust, coke, hydraded lime, sand, quartz, bricks(raw material),
   ceramic (raw material), gypsum
。Wood and paper industry:
   Cellulose, saw dust, wood chips, wood pellets
。Construction material industry:
   Cement, iron-II-sulfat, sand, quartz, gypsum, hydraded lime, limestone powder, bentonite, bricks
   (raw material), ceramic (raw material)
   Tobacco, nuts, coffee and cacao beans, biscuits, cotton, leather, spices, blossoms