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TRX Temperature Transmitter

。Supply Voltage: Loop Power 18~32 Vdc
。DCV Input: 0~500 mV/ 0~1V/ 0~5V/ 0~10V/ 0~20V
。DCA Input: 0~20 mA/ 4~20 mA
。Thermocouple Input: K / J / T / E / R / S / B / N
。RTD/ Resistance Input: PT100/0~400W
。Analog Output: 4~20 mA (Loop Power)
。Ambient temperature: -20~60°C
。Galvanic Isolation: 1500V
。Isolation Voltage: 1500 Vac
。Loop Power 12~32Vdc
。Linear current output
。LCD display with 3 press buttons
。Universal type with multi-signal input
。With communication port for programming