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EST Grain Silo Temperature & Level Monitoring System

E-Paper 05.03.2021

Temperature is a key factor for maintaining grain quality in a grain storage system. When the grain has suffered from deterioration, corrosion or pest and disease damage, the temperature is increased inevitably. If precise temperature information of the grain can be mastered, an air conditioning system can be more efficiently controlled to achieve high efficient energy management. For silo management, an EST system can measure grain temperature in silo and measure stored grain level synchronously, thereby not only instantly tracking and recording grain conditions, recording historical records, but also providing optimal grain storage quality monitoring.. 

Now FineTek provides 2 kinds of Grain Monitoring Systems to match your demands:


Wiring Diagram (Required devices):

  • IPC Industrial Computer
    measurement and record manually and operating method is through configuration of electricity meter and switch. Easy operation with clear instruction!
  • FineLink 1-wire & FineLink RS485 -It extends and connects to the sensor through wired way. Each sensor has an independent connection, which can prevent the whole system from crashing due to a particular equipment failure, so as to make users capable of maintaining multiple equipment more easily.
  • Software (MMS-TL)- MMS-TL intelligent grain silo temperature and level management system is a set of PC software, which can replace 


IPC (Industrial PC)



Wired System

wired system


Case Study

Soya Bean for edible oil

Soya Bean for edible oil

Rice Mill Application

Rice Mill Application


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