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FineTek SC38 series Multi-Functional Tuning Fork Level Switch can be installed in a narrow space and

E-Paper 05.18.2020

SC38 tuning fork level switch can detect the min. and max. level in tanks and the working principle of tuning fork is based on the piezoelectric component as well as damping effect. When the tuning fork vibrates to release resonance frequency and then comes into the medium, it reduces the vibration frequency and trigger a switch signal. Also, 3/4” thread with tuning fork 40mm long can be suitable for the installation of a small tube or pipe and work reliably.
SC38 series Multi-Functional Tuning Fork Level Switch
Specification :
  • Dual relay, PNP/NPN, 8/16mA output.
  • Intrinsically safe certificate by NEPSI (signal 8/16mA).
  • No frequent calibration required, easy-to-use, sturdy and durable design.
  • High/low failure safe mode, safe and reliable.
  • Dual insulation can reduce damage on the PCB board caused by significant changes in temperature and humidity as well as condensation.
  • It can be tested by pressing the test button after installation.
  • Output switch delay setting function.
  • High-resistance sensing component material such as ECTFE, PTFE or PFA.
  • Self-diagnosis mechanism can detect the abnormality such as the abrasion of the tuning fork or the material viscosity.
  • The compact built-in wiring box can save the installation space.
  • All-in-one design, 3/4” thread is suitable for the installation of a small tube.
  • Adjustment setting for different densities of media ρ>0.5 g/cm3 or ρ>0.7 g/cm3.
  • Alarm indicators based on failure status or output status selected according to the customer’s habits.
  • Automatic calibration of the operation points for different densities of media as required by the customer.

Case Study :

There is one beverage company located in Pingtung, Taiwan and the end user is looking for one low-cost level sensor. The medium is alcohol and the end user needs sensor with intrinsically safe explosion proof certificate because alcohol is flammable and some installation belongs to hazardous area. Due to installation limitation, the end user chooses FineTek SC38 series with TX10 isolated barrier and satisfies its reliability as well as high quality.

Installation :


SC38 Installation

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