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FineTek Electromagnetic Flow Meter - in Water Cooling system application

E-Paper 03.10.2020

EPD electromagnetic flow meter is mainly composed of the sensor and transmitter. The measuring tube of the sensor is equipped with the excitation coils upward and downward. The transmitter supplies the excitation current, which generates the magnetic field which goes through the measuring tube once it is powered on. A pair of induction electrodes installed on the inner side of the measuring tube comes in contact with the liquid to guide the induced voltage to the sensor.


EPD Electromagnetic Flow Meter

High lights on the Calibration Lab

FineTek is the only inspection institution that owns a Class 2 flow test laboratory in Taiwan. With the most professional R&D and Design Team, it can design and develop high-accuracy electromagnetic flow meters. Moreover, it conducts calibration in Class 1 Flow Laboratory of the National Measurement Laboratory (ITRI Measurement Center), so as to guarantee the flow accuracy on the measurement field. FineTek’s flow laboratory has received certification from the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation and conforms to the regulations of international organizations such as ILAC and APALC. It has the complete ability of uncertainty testing and rating for flow test.

Singapore Power Group Cooling Tower System
The EPD30 Electromagnetics flowmeter applied for cooling tower water system flow monitoring, the water-cooling system is for cooling purposes in heat exchangers; cooling products from tanks or columns, and recently, cooling of various major components inside high-end personal computers. Total 88pcs Installed in 4 different places of Singapore island wide.

Case Study
Case Study

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