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FineTek New Version of TXX2 Isolated Barrier is already launched!!!

E-Paper 02.10.2020

FineTek is delighted to introduce TXX2 Isolated Barrier which is the new version from TX10. This isolated barrier is composed of a circuit energy restriction unit, current isolation unit an signal processing unit. The main principles of isolated barrier are to isolate the power supply of the transmitter in the hazardous area and transmits the analogue signal and digital signal generated by the transmitter to the safe side(shown in below figure).

TXX2 Isolated Barrier

Our TXX2 isolated barrier can convert analog 4-20mA output signal into an isolated 4-20mA type. Moreover, it can read the HART digital signal or RS485 signal in the hazardous side and isolate the digital output signal to the safe side.



  • Wide input voltage range
  • Integrated power supply safety barrier and digital communication safety barrier
  • Insulation withstand voltage of up to 2500V R in hazardous and safe sides
  • Safety digital communication RS485 relay mode
  • Communication HART relay mode
  • Internal 250Ohm for HART communication
  • Power supply indicator and digital communication indicator
  • Intrinsically safe explosion proof IECEx/ ATEX

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