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FineTek EPR Paddle Wheel Flowmeter

E-Paper 11.05.2019

FineTek EPR Paddle Wheel Flowmeter

Embedding a magnet in the edge of paddles and rotated by liquid flow.
Rotation of paddle can be calculated as pulses signal and converting to the flow rate.
  • Controlled by a microprocessor, with convenient operation and comprehensive functions.
  • Power supply: 12-36 Vdc.
  • Analog output:  4-20mA with 10% higher range as 4-21.6mA
  • Simulated test output: 0-24 mA.
  • Pure sensing non-display type is for convenient system integration
  • LCM (Graphic 128x64 Dots) display type
  • Built-in FRAM (Ferroelectric Random Access Memory) flash memory
  • Easily separated from the sensor.
  • LED indicator displays the alarm status
  • With RS485 communication.
  • Parameter settings (K factor, pipe diameter, device ID, baudrate)

  • Food industry
  • Beverage industry
  • Water treatment industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Dyeing industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Semi-conductor industry
  • PCB wet process control

Case Study
A new printed circuit board building project requests fast delivery and cost effective flowmeters for the waste water.  The client is satisfied with full DN pipe range available, multiple output for different control system demand, and RS485 supports for easy integration that save cost.

Case Study-Paddle Wheel Flowmeter
Case Study-Paddle Wheel Flowmeter

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