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Brief introduction of the importance of FLOWMETER manufacturers with OIML R49, ILAC (ISO 17025)

E-Paper 01.07.2019

There are many brands of flowmeter manufacturers on the market. Some brands are popular with excellent performance, but the others’ may not be performed as specification. Quality is not a slogan, but product quality can be recognized by a credible third party to certify the "Measurement Uncertainty" of water flow laboratory capability and “Measurement Traceability”. 

  • What is Measurement Uncertainty?

Generally speaking, the results will not be 100% the same for multiple times measurements, which could be caused by measuring equipment (What), location (where), measuring time (when), peoples (Who), methodology (how), and etc. Hence, it will get better measurement result under lower uncertainty of measurement system. 

  • What is Measurement Traceability?

According to the description of measurement traceability pyramid (Figure 1), industrial measurement instruments need to be calibrated by the credible laboratory regularly. It means the instruments capability must be traceable.

The Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF) is the only accrediting laboratory recognized by the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC). TAF is capable to evaluate the laboratory capability, and to ensure the measurement traceability by following ISO/IEC 17025.

Metrology traceability pyramid
Figure 1

Metrology traceability pyramid
Figure 2

FineTek Flow Laboratory has certified by TAF (ILAC) giving accreditation number 3086, which is following ISO/IEC 17025. In addition, system expanded uncertainty of flow lab reaches 0.05% via gravimetric calibration methodology (weight scale), which is traceable. In other words, the calibration report of flow meter is convincible with high accuracy to be compared by FineTek flow laboratory. 

  • OIML R49
    OIML (International Organization of Legal Metrology) is an intergovernmental organization whose primary aim is to harmonize the regulations and metrological controls applied by the national metrological organizations, of its member States. OIML R49 is applicable to the type evaluation and initial verification testing of water meters for cold potable water and hot water to improve the measurement consistency.

OIML R49-2 aims “Test methods” of various conditions for the type of evaluation of flow meter,such as installation location, pressure, temperature, turbulence test, long-term test for 800 hours, etc. (Figure 3) shows three special flanges installing them in front, rear positions to create turbulence, and to test the measurement stability and accuracy class of water flow meter.



Figure 3

  • Vibration regulation:IEC 60068-2-3
  • EMC regulation:IEC/EN 61326-1 Class A table 2
  • OIML R49/2013 Certificate
  • Low impact on environmental matter

    No affected by liquid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity changing.

    Applicable in conducting liquids that may contain fiber, solid granules and suspended matters.

    Enclosure protection rating: IP67/NEMA 4X (IP68 Optional)
  • Wide measurement range & high efficiency

    Wide measurement turndown ratio 1:300 (max)

    Various outputs: Current output 4~20mA, frequency output 2~8 Hz and RS485 communication.
  • Multiple self-diagnosis function

    Smart self-detection, self-diagnosis function and various alarms

    Power-saving and low fault rate: The measuring tube is without baffle and movable parts.

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