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3/4”~ 2” EPR Series- Economic Paddle Wheel Flow Meter

E-Paper 10.05.2018

FineTek EPR Series Paddle wheel Flow Meters are easy to install, ultra-compact and a great value for many full pipe liquid flow applications. It features high accuracy paddle wheel sensor, T-mount installation quick fittings, with or without 128*64 LCM Meter display, lightweight plastic design enables mounting in any position.  The paddle wheel meter also generates a frequency and voltage signal which is proportional to the flow rate from 0.3~10m/s.

Once the EPR Paddlewheel Flow Meters is installed, its meter head and mechanical portion may be quickly removed for maintenance or replacement.

  • 128*64 LCM display , convenient operation
  • Installs into pipe sizes DN20 to DN50 (3/4 to 2 inches.)
  • NPN and PNP pulse output
  • 4~20mA analog output
  • Wide range of voltage supply
  • Integrated FRAM
  • (Ferroelectric random access memory)
  • RS485 communication interface, Modbus
  • Communication protocol
  • Display module can be separated
Paddle Wheel Flow Meter

  • Food manufacturing
  • Beverage manufacturing
  • Water treatment industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Dyeing industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Semiconductor industry
  • PCB wet processing control

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