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New Grain Level & Temperature Monitoring System

NEWS 03.18.2015

System Introduction

Temperature is a key factor for maintaining grain quality in a grain storage system. When the grain has suffered from deterioration, corrosion or pest and disease damage, the temperature is increased inevitably. If precise temperature information of the grain can be mastered, an air conditioning system can be more efficiently controlled to achieve high efficient energy management. For silo management, an EST system can measure grain temperature in silo and measure stored grain level synchronously, thereby not only instantly tracking and recording grain conditions, recording historical records, but also providing optimal grain storage quality monitoring.
The EST can be matched with the HubLink hub series, and employs an RS485 communication interface to transmit information to a central control room or a human-machine interface via wire or wirelessly. The EST is matched with MMS-TLA silo information and integrated with monitoring software, so that a user can easily monitor dual information, both the temperature and grain level in the silo, through a remote computer, thereby performing grain storage management with the utmost convenience and efficiency.




  • Unique in the industry, EST120 transmitter integrated with simultaneous monitoring of grain level and temperature.
  • Steel cable design can effectively resist the impact of grain and prolong service life of the product.
  • Provide real-time multipoint temperature measurement to help managers cope with food more swiftly.
  • Detect whether there is fungus produced or there are activities of insects, to maintain food quality and facilitate long-term storage.
  • Prevent qualitative change of grain in the silo and fire disaster due to smolder.
  • Temperature measurement can be customized according to customer’s requirements.
  • Any two points of EST120 are in simple calibration mode of grain level.
  • The product uses open main current communication interface RS485. The system user can install the device on any system having the communication interface.