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【The Best Partner for Measuring Liquids with Impurities FineTek EDF Doppler Ultrasonic Flowmeter】

NEWS 11.30.2023

Detecting the flow of liquids containing solid particles can now be easily achieved using FineTek’s EDF doppler ultrasonic flowmeter! This is a brand new product developed by the company’s R&D department, specifically for the measurement of liquids containing solid particles or dirty liquids. The main principle is that the liquid medium containing tiny particles (impurities or air bubbles) will move at the same speed as the liquid; the flow rate is then measured through the doppler effect.
FineTek’s EDF doppler ultrasonic flowmeter has many advantages. It is able to measure liquids that FineTek’s EPU ultrasonic flowmeter cannot measure, is easy to install and calibrate, and does not cause downtime when starting up. It is especially useful in industies that require measurement of liquids that contain more impurities. The product is mainly used in the following fields:
*Industrial sewage, oily sewage, wastewater, dirty circulating water such as wastewater from sewage treatment plants.
*Industrial production processing of liquids containing particles and air particles, such as slag liquids, oilfield drilling and grouting liquids, port dredging, etc.
*Suitable for all types of turbid slurries, such as pulp, mineral pulp, crude oil, etc.

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